Wednesday, December 10, 2014

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Interesting article on housewalking from

Housewalking is my new obsession! I coined the term to refer to my recent habit of walking around the house whenever I can -- instead of sitting or standing, I'm constantly housewalking! It all started when I began wearing a Fitbit to keep track of my daily steps -- I was aiming for that recommended 10,000 per day. I found that when I was low on steps in the afternoon, I'd just stroll around my house to get the number up. Then I realized how easy it is to rack up major steps this way. So I started housewalking whenever I could, and now I'm averaging 20,000 steps per day. Amazing! All those extra steps mean extra calories burned. Plus, I have so much more energy, and I feel better, in general. 

Why is housewalking so great? It doesn't require much -- no gym membership, treadmill, or warm weather needed -- and anyone can do it. You don't even need a house! An apartment or even a hotel room will do. And walking (or jogging) in place totally counts. You don't need a Fitbit either (although I do love mine) -- any pedometer or other step-counting tool works. Once you've got it, start walking or walking in place wheneveryou're at home. Brushing your teeth? Housewalk! Texting? Housewalk (in place)! Watching TV? Housewalk (around the room)! You'll be blown away how quickly it all adds up. The other day, I clocked 600 steps while opening mail, 200 while flossing, and a solid thousand while chatting with my mom on the phone! 

Try it and, trust me, you'll soon be obsessed too. In fact, I'm challenging everyone right now to start housewalking and see how many steps per day they can get in. Report your progress on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #housewalking. Can't wait to see how everyone does! 

By the way, I read that Old Order Amish walk significantly more than other Americans, and they're among the communities with the lowest rates of obesity in North America. That's great! Let's give them a run (or should I say, a walk) for their money. 

Happy housewalking! Stay in touch, and let me know how it's going onFacebook and Twitter!

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